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Moving to DA9 with London Removals will Take you There the Right Way

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There's not just a lot to take with you when you're moving home, there's a lot to take in as well. Plans have to be made about when to move for example, then there's having to notify all the utility companies, your doctor, royal mail, friends, not to mention the prospect of all that packing and unpacking ahead of you. Then there's the move itself. How do you make sure that doesn't turn into a nightmare?.

Well, the first thing you need to do is to hire a long-standing, professional and trustworthy removal company like us. We're a removal carrier which has built a reputation for being one of the best removal companies in the country. Whether you're moving near or far, whether you need a man with a van or a large removal truck, we can help you out. We provide a lot more however than just getting your belongings safe and sound to DA9.  

We supply packing materials for instance, boxes, tape, in fact we can even help you with the packing and unpacking itself if you like. We also have a wide range of storage facilities available for you. One feature we've found to be very popular with previous customers is our dedicated phone line. That's to say, once you hire us, you'll be given a phone number which gives you direct access to our team of removal experts at any time. That way, you'll always know where to turn for advice and help during your move to DA9. So why not call us now on 020 8811 8918. In fact, our prices are so good we even give you free quote straight away.

DA9 is part of the Dartford or DA postcode area and has a total of eighteen postcode districts within it. The DA postcode area has eleven post towns and covers north-west Kent as well as south-east London. Post towns within this area include Longfield, Erith, Gravesend, Swanscombe, Bexleyheath, Sidcup and Welling.

DA9 however is centred around the towns of Greenhithe and Stone. It's northern border is formed by the River Thames and it goes as far south as to reach Roman Road/Watling St, A296. To the west it reaches Cotton Lane and to the east it reaches the edges of Swanscombe Skull Site National Nature Reserve. It has a perimeter of over eight miles covering an area of just under three square miles.

Of the notable places within DA9, Greenhithe is a town which has a population of over 4,500 people. Amongst other things, it is the location of the historic Ingress Abbey. Stone, also known as Stone-next-Dartford, is one of many villages to be found around this area. Stone is home to Stone Castle dating from the mid-eleventh century.

Apart from these two significant habitations in the north of DA9, in the south you can now find the Bluewater Shopping Centre. This is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe. The building of this huge retail space is characteristic of the whole area which is part of the Thames Gateway regeneration project. Greenhithe and Stone Crossing Railway stations are also to be found within DA9.

When moving to DA9, you may also like to consider reserving a parking space for your removal van. This is done though Dartford Council.

Remember to hire London Removals though when moving to DA9. For one thing, by calling 020 8811 8918 now you'll find our free quote alone will immediately take a lot off your mind.

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