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A certain sense of despondency can set in to people moving house when they realise that it just is not as easy as they first thought. Images of homeowners drooped wearily over half-moved furniture can be conjured at a whim. The main chunk of the process can be essentially quite an exciting time: looking at different houses; planning what you will do to make them your own. But the main issues arise when the time comes to transfer all of your possessions from the house you are leaving to the one you are about to take up residence in. Practically speaking, it can be a torturous nightmare of strained back muscles and shortened tempers. If you are worried about such events transpiring then London Removals is for you. We offer a comprehensive service that can alleviate the stresses and strains placed upon anyone needing to move their furniture. Our employees are well-trained and vastly experienced in the business of moving so there is absolutely no reason to believe your possessions would be better off in anyone else’s hands. We take the utmost care with all of your household furniture and make sure they are transported safely and securely.

The RH postal code is also known as the Redhill postcode and its coverage is in Surrey and Sussex. RH1 consists of Redhill itself, Bletchingley, Earlswood, Nutfield, Merstham and Salfords.

Redhill is situated in the borough of Reigate and Banstead and actually adjoins to the town of Reigate itself to the west. Including some of the outlying areas, the population is approximately twenty-six thousand people.  As with most towns in England, the overriding factor driving its development was the coming of the railways during the period known as the Industrial Revolution. The town formed in the early 19th century and is the site of the quarry where Alfred Nobel first tested dynamite. It is also one of the few places in the UK where the specialised mineral known as Fuller’s Earth can be extracted from the ground. In terms of culture and community, there is an old estate known as Gatton Park which had a private chapel built on it, as well as having Japanese gardens both for the public.

Bletchingley is a small village to the east of Redhill and although it is small and rural, did feature in the Domesday Book listen with certain assets attached to it. During the middle ages, it was actually inaugurated as a borough itself but lost prominence for no definite reason, possibly the development of nearby Reigate. The village is extremely beautiful and is the home to many footpaths and bridleways through the countryside, as well as Bletchingley Place, the house where Anne of Cleves lived after her marriage to Henry VIII was annulled.
Nutfield is also a village in the same area with a population of approximately three thousand people.

So if you live in the RH1 postal area then just call us on 020 8811 8918
. If you give us plenty of notice then you are more likely to acquire our services on the day you need assistance. If you leave it too late you could be left in the slightly unenviable position of having packed furniture and no one to move it. Don’t let this happen to you. We’re the most cost-efficient way of getting your furniture from your old to new home and to help start setting up your new life.

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