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Top-notch Packing Services At The Lowest Price In London

Packing is an essential element for a successful house move. Unfortunately most of the time, due to trying to balance work and home, finding time for these extra tasks can be tricky. Packing can thus put serious pressure on the most priceless commodity that we have: time. But it doesn’t have to. Here at London Removals we make your life easier with our expert packing services. We provide the best materials and the experts who know how to use them. With us and our supplies your belongings will be able to survive even the bumpiest of roads. orange phone handle 020 8811 8918 call us today

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The Packing Planning

When starting to pack your items, you need to do some planning: how to approach the job, how much time to allow each day and also decide which items are going to be packed first and which ones you need to leave until the last minute. Planning properly is hugely important as you have only a limited time on your hands and your moving day is creeping ever nearer. It also makes sure you don’t overburden yourself and become stressed when packing. A key tip is to start packing early and schedule about one to two hours each day so you have plenty of time to get on top of it. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

Deciding what to pack and what to leave out is also important. This will not only save you from the hassles of packing unnecessary things that will occupy precious space but also save you time, energy and money. There are likely to be a number of items don’t deserve to be hauled across to your new home. Make time to have a proper sort through everything, decide what can be left and then dump or recycle them. This will save considerable time and packing space when you don’t have to worry about useless or unwanted items.

If you have your partner, friends or other members of the family to help you, then delegate; get them to pack one part of the house each or designate a certain task. For example one of you can select the items; someone else can pack, and someone else can tape up the removal boxes. This will help you to co-ordinate the job, limit the stress of doing everything on your own and it can even be fun. Turn on some music and boogie or turn it into a game and see who can do their bit fastest. For heavier items, you will probably need more than one person at a time to ensure that they are packed properly and safely.

If you don’t have any willing friends or family another option would be to call one of the many professional removals companies like London Removals to do the job while you can relax.

What Else Can We Offer?

Our removals company is the perfect choice when it comes to packing; we can do all the planning and packing for you. When you work with us you’ll get a great range of excellent benefits including:

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    24/7 customer service – direct contact with us all day, every day

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    Excellent packing materials – we have them all ready for collection or delivery

  • icon of durable cardborad boxes

    Durable cardboard boxes – they come in all sizes suitable for handling all loads

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    The best helping hands – need help when packing? We handle that as well.

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    Great prices – low rates and a range of great offers

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    Great services – we only offer the very best in customer service

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    Speedy response – we pride ourselves on being punctual and reliable

  • icon of a shield with a box inside it

    Safe travels – the safety of your possessions is our top priority

orange phone handle 020 8811 8918 call us today

Have a simple and effortless house removal in London

Our man with van services are straightforward and easy to hire. Once you contact our friendly and helpful staff, you will be provided with a free, no obligation quote based on the information you provide. When we determine the price, we will take into account the amount and the type of items to be moved, as well as additional services such as packing or storage. On the day of the move, our man and van team will arrive at your place on time and will start with the job right away. They will assist you with all tasks, including the heavy lifting and loading and will ensure that all goods are well secured in the moving van. We are accessible at any time of the day and we are ready to answer all your questions. You can rely on our customer service to provide you with full support during every step of the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8811 8918!

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Leave the hard work to our skilled professionals

We, at London Removlas know that the key to customer satisfaction is a competent and hard-working team. Every member of our man with van crew is well-vetted and trained to provide you with comprehensive service and excellent results. Our experts can tackle projects of all kinds and size and can help you with all tasks related to the relocation process, including packing and unpacking. They will handle your belongings with care and respect and will take all the precautionary measures before and during the transportation. From moving house to the other side of London to relocating your business, we have the resources and the knowledge to fulfil your expectations.

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Have peace of mind with our reliable moving services

Caring for your possessions is our main priority. We will ensure that you will receive all your valuables in impeccable condition. To prevent the loss of any item, our stuff members will create an inventory list of your belongings. They will work closely with you while enlisting the goods that need to be moved. Our team will pay special attention and will take extra care of delicate, expensive or fragile items. With our dependable removal services, you don’t need to worry for the potential pitfalls and “what-ifs.”

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Preparation Tips

Ensure that the items you are not going to carry are stowed away separately in removal boxes or taken to the tip if no longer needed. Sort remaining items based on whether you need them until you move and pack according to the rooms they belong to (e.g. kitchen, bedroom etc.). This way it will be easier to find the items when you have arrived. You can even mark them with more specifics, like ‘Kitchen 1 (Dinner sets)’ and so on. This is a very neat way to mark things and when you have arrived, you can directly cut open the things that you need right when you need them. It is going to take few days to unpack everything and get back into the swing of things so the marked boxes are a great way to save you from a frantic search for things when you have arrived.

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We Can Deal with All That

But you don’t have to worry about any of that when we are on the job. With our packing services we can handle everything including the order and labelling of the boxes. We will bring everything you need – boxes of all sizes, sealing tape, polystyrene, Styrofoam, bubble-wrap, etc., including the labeller to make sure that you know exactly what any box contains. With us there will be no delays, no stress and no worry. London Removals will take care of everything! Book with us today on 020 8811 8918 and save money and time!

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