Storage Services

Storage services can be required for any number of reasons. If your new home is not yet ready and you wish to postpone the shifting of the household articles for a few days while the finishing work is going on; or maybe you have shift your items from your existing home and you want to wait for a few days before moving into your new home as there are last minute finishing going on; or you are relocating to a new country and want to be there personally
when your household articles reach and can only reach there a little later. Whatever may be your need, we have solutions for you.

Not only is London Removals offering moving services but we also provide storage for your household items. Storage for your household products is provided in the form of removal containers.

Our standard removal containers are wooden ones with a capacity of 240 cu ft. The standard dimensions of one of our containers is 6ft x 5ft x 8ft. that means unless you are packing a caravan or your favorite luxury yacht inside, you can very well fit everything else in.

Property sizeCu Ft RequiredSq Ft RequiredNo. Of ContainersPrice per week
1 Bed480602£30
2 Bed720903£45
3 Bed9601204£60
4 Bed12001505£75
* Our UK storage facility consists of wooden box containers each with a 240 cu ft (6ft x 5ft x 8ft) capacity. One of our JumboLutons = 4 containers.

For people who are moving their 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartments, we offer one of our Jumbo Lutons.
One Jumbo Luton is equal to 4 containers each of 240 cu ft. With a total storage of 960 cu ft you can pretty well store almost anything inside these containers. To give you an idea, if you are moving a studio you will need a total sq ft storage of 30 and a cu ft of 240. One of our containers would be ideal for this requirement.
If you are moving a 4 bed home, you need at least a sq ft area of 150 and a cu ft of 1200. You need a total of 5 containers or a JumboLuton and one container to pack everything.
Single container costs £15 for a week. So if you are looking to keep your studio home’s items in storage for one week, you will need to bear a cost of £15. For a 4 bed home the cost is £75 for a week.
 This is a negligible amount considering the benefits that are associated with the safekeeping of your household items.

Your household items will be stored safely in our containers in secure locations and under proper supervision and surveillance. They will be transported to your new home once you advice us that it is ready. Safe storage of your valuables is an essential requirement when you have to move your furniture out of your old home and your new home is not yet ready. Even if your new home is ready, you may not be, because you still have to physically be at the location to supervise the move in. Whatever maybe the reason, safe affordable storage is always a great option to have while relocating.
 It can give you that added ease of mind that your household items are safely stored so that you can go about completing the moving formalities and the final tasks before saying goodbye to you old home and moving into your new one.
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