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Are you Moving and are in Need of a SE15 Moving Company? Search no More.

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Your SE15 moving services will take out all the other companies around the area; you won’t find any other moving company to go with than London Removals. We do all types of removals from big to small and no matter size we will do it with just as much love and care. Your circumstances come first and every person that hires us is unique. We have a team filled with service minded movers SE15 who will gladly help you out on the day of. As said, it is you who is the most important thing here and we will make sure that your moving day will go by fast and safe. We will agree with you on a good plan that suits your personal needs and we will follow them to the letter. London Removals never slack and are always on time. We will pack, load, carry, drive and store your things that you don’t need at the moment and will probably just be in your way. You will get insurance so that if something, in the unlikely, event would happen, you will be covered. We only use top quality equipment and our cars are designed to take in a lot of boxes; this so that we don’t have to drive back and forth multiple times. Call us now on 020 8811 8918 and book an appointment today for us to come by your house and have a look so that we can plan on how many boxes we will use on the day and measure doors and stairs and see if there is an elevator etc. Here you also have a chance to really ask us about everything that you might want to know and we will gladly answer.

SE is the postcode district area of the South Eastern part of London and is called the London SE postcode area and covers only parts of the south eastern London and correlates to the London Borough of Lewisham, the London Borough of Southwark and the Royal Borough of Greenwich and smaller parts of the London Borough of Bexley and Bromley plus some of the eastern part of London Borough of Lambeth. The SE districts originated in 1857 and in 1868 gained some of the area of the S district while the rest went to the postcode area of SW. In 1917 it was divided into numbered districts where the districts that was closest to London the number 1 and the next closest the number 2 and forward.

SE15 is the postcode of the Peckham district and covers Nunhead and Peckham and is located in the London Borough of Southwark about 3,5 miles south east of Charing Cross and is distinguished to be one of the thirty five major centers in Greater London regarding the London Plan. It has got a population of 19.500 inhabitants (2005). SE15 consists of a working class community that coexists with other communities with origins in countries like China, India, and Pakistan, the Caribbean, Turkey, Vietnam, Nigeria and parts of Eastern Europe. Also there has been a gentrification around SE15 with cafés, shops, artist studios and wine bars. The district of Peckham has never been administrative but it developed a strong identity in the 1800s when the shopping street Rye Lane was one of the most important ones in South London.

When hiring a moving company, it is always a good idea to reserve a parking spot for the day of. Check out the borough website for more information and look up the number.

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