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People of SE16, It's Time To Do Things Differently When It Comes To Your Office Or Home Move

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Stress is one of those buzzwords that seems to follow us around in modern life. Whether you are at work or at home, it is those unexpected pressures that really exacerbate things and crank up the stress.

With moving house it is exactly the same. There are certain things that everyone knows, but it is those added extras, the costs and fees, the issues with your agent and - finally - having to deal with unprofessional removal companies. It is your removal experts who should be going that extra mile for you, helping you to avoid those little pitfalls. At London Removals we have designed our business around this thought process. We give you a full removal assessment, designed to ensure you have the exact right amount of removal technicians and equipment on site. This ensures you get the price that is right for your project, with nothing surplus to requirements and certainly no worries about a lack of room on the can. Not only that, we will help you pack if you like, helping to keep all your possessions safe. We put everything in the packing materials that we recommend as well so there are no unfortunate accidents Whatever you are looking for in your SE16 removal service, our professional team have the experience to help you achieve a stress free move.

SE16 covers Rotherhithe, Surrey Quays and parts of Bermondsey. Rotherhithe derives from the Anglo Saxon word for sailor, a reference to the position of the district on the south bank of the Thames. The docks themselves were largely closed during the 1980s but some of them still remain, with the Greenland Docks the largest that still survives today. It is a result of these sailing connections that it has forged such strong links with Scandinavia, and the link is evident in the Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish churches which pepper the area. It also has links to America, as the founding fathers set sail from near here on the Mayflower.

Surrey Quays is so nearby it is actually within the Rotherhithe district, but in many ways it has become more famous in recent times for its association with print journalism than sailing and trading these days, as Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the London Evening Standard and the Daily Mail have their main printing factory here.

We do have one little favour to ask after you have rung us on 020 8811 8918 to confirm your choice of the premier removal company in the Rotherhithe area
. Parking in the area is controlled by your local authorities so to make sure we are close to your door on moving day we ask that you book us a spot by clicking on one of the following links depending on whether you are in Lewisham or Southwark. Being close to your door ensures not only speed but minimal accidents so why not get in touch and enjoy the premier service in the area?. We can even give you little free tips about how to safely stash a washing machine or how to keep the kids entertained (or involved) in the packing process. It is a complete service so call us today and experience something different in your move.

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