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Moving to SW11 and is in Need a Removal Company? Look no Further, London Removals will Help you.

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For SW11 house removals, you won’t find any other removal company to go with than London Removals. We can accommodate all types of removals from large and small and no matter size we will do it with just as much care. It is you as a customer who is the main prio here and we will make sure that your moving day goes by pain free. Let’s face it, you already have enough on your shoulders that packing and carrying and driving all these things would just be too much. Moving is already very stressful and when you are stressed and tired, you don’t do a very good job and you might stop doing things properly when only half the work is done Our SW11 movers are always punctual and will never slack. So instead on putting your money on renting vans, hiring boxes and doing all the driving yourself why not let us pack, load, carry, drive and – if needed – store your belongings so that you can have a pleasant day. You will have this moving done in no time. We only use high quality equipment and supplies and our vehicle is constructed to take a lot of boxes and things so that we don’t have to drive several times back and forth. It will save both time and money. We will come by your home and have a look so that we can plan on how big of a vehicle we will need and how many boxes we will use on the day. Give us a call on 020 8811 8918 today for a free quote and book an appointment today!

SW is the postcode area of the Battersea district and covers the south western London and has 29 postcode districts with the South Western parts covering SW1-SW10 and Battersea covering SW11-SW20. SW95 is used by the Department for Work and Pensions and is a non-geographical postcode. The postcode originated as the SW district in 1857 and gained some of the area of the S district in 1868 while the rest went to the postcode SE and was split up into numbered districts in 1917. SW covers each side of River Thames and SW1 has a coverage of the London central on the northern bank of Thames between Chelsea Bridge and Hungerford Bridge and  contains the Tate Gallery, Thames House Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Westminster School and Dolphin Square. The postcode districts of SW2–SW10 create the inner part with SW3, SW5 and SW6, SW7 plus SW10. The postcodes SW11 to SW20 include the outer area.

SW11 covers the Battersea head district including Battersea, Junction and Clapham and has the local authority area of the Borough of Wandsworth. SW11 is an city center district located south of the River Thames about two miles from Charing Cross with a population of 75.651 inhabitants. It spans from the west in Fairfield to Queenstown in the east. Battersea was mentioned in the Domesday Book under the name of Patricesy.

Our company will come down to your home and have a look at how many things need to be moved, what fragile items need to be extra taken care of, how wide are the stairs and doors, are there any elevators?. Things like this will be controlled in beforehand so that everything will go by smoothly. It may be a good idea to reserve a parking spot by the council for the day of your move. Check the borough website for information.

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