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A Removal Service for the Denizens of SW3

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The first time you get a bed or a sofa jammed in a door there is usually a roll of the eyes, a chuckle and a resuming of the task at hand. However, when this happens for the tenth time with every sizable piece of furniture than you own then there is no other reaction than pure frustration and fury. This is completely understand but what London Removals would like to tell you is that it isn’t necessary. We are well and truly in the 21st century now and there is absolutely no reason why the average citizen cannot give themselves a small but well earned break by calling a removals company to help them out. The process of moving is, in itself, extremely tiresome and long, although it can be exciting when you finally find somewhere new to live. However the day of moving itself is usually monotonous and frustrating. By calling 020 8811 8918 you can hire a company for the day that will ease the anxieties of the day and enable you to experience a relatively stress free day, compared to all the other people who choose not to use such a service.

The SW postcode rea refers to the southwest part of London but SW3 specifically contains the districts of Chelsea, Brompton and Knightsbridge.

Chelsea is one of the more affluent areas in central London and its southern boundary is that of the River Thames. It is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which was formed in 1965 upon the creation of Greater London. It is an upmarket, high-class neighbourhood; think of New York’s Upper East Side or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. It has high property prices, highlighted by the average house price of over one million pounds. It has found recent stardom through the television show ‘Made in Chelsea’ which emphasises the glamourous nature of its residents’ lives. Obviously Chelsea Football Club comes from the area and as a result has the wealthiest fans in England, not to mention the owner. Chelsea itself has a long history that originates from Celtic times and the modern site is situated on the original site of the Synod of Chelsea from 787AD. The golden statue of King Charles II on the site of the Chelsea Flower Show highlights the fact that Chelsea has a history directly related to the British monarchy and the people involved in the ruling of the country.
Brompton is in the same Borough as Chelsea and its borders are roughly defined by the triangle of Brompton Cemetery, Old Brompton Road and Walton Street. It has a number of interesting landmarks such as the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Royal Brompton Hospital and the Victoria and Albert Museum. It also plays host to the Natural History Museum.

So, if you live in SW3, and you want the top removal service in the area then call us as soon as you can in order to acquire our assistance. The earlier you call, the more likely we are to able to accommodate your needs. More and more people are picking up the phone and calling 020 8811 8918 in order to attain our staff’s invaluable support.  If you have a day in mind of when you want to move house then let us know as quickly as possible and we can ensure a day characterised by smooth sailing and sunny weather. Click here to reserve a parking space for our vehicle.

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