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CR8 Removals just Became much Easier

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Hiring a removal company to help you out on the big day of your move has been popular for decades now. But with the modern preponderance for jumbo-sized furniture only now has it really become necessary. London Removals are here to help move, store and transport your possessions with as little fuss as possible, making your day that much easier. We have a barrel load of experience in the business of removals and therefore know exactly how to help uout our customers with the most important of tasks. Whether it is lifting furniture out rooms and in to the van or from the van into your new home you can count on our services to make it easier for you. There is no reason to ignore the need for help because nowadays the majority of people use such services. Rather than waste time stressing and being full of anxiety, all you have to do is call 020 8811 8918 and suddenly all of your worries will evaporate like a puddle on a hot summers day.  Don’t run the risk of straining your muscles and backs by taking on the job yourself, or with your friends and family, we’re the ones you should call and we’re the ones who can do the job for you, at low cost.

Kenley is a district that is located in the southern part of the London Borough of Croydon. Throughout history, Kenley was an area of farmland that formed a part of the Coulsdon Manor that had covered the surrounding area for centuries. During the 1860’s, gentlemen’s houses were constructed in the area, and more housing and shops continued to be built towards the end of the 19th century. Today Kenley is known for its historical significance for the role that its RAF played within the Battle of Britain. RAF Kenley was an important airfield that the Luftwaffe attempted to destroy with a devastating bombing raid that occurred on August 18th, 1940. Luckily, despite the damages done to numerous buildings and houses within the area, the bombing raid was ultimately unsuccessful and RAF Kenley was back in operation the very next day. The Royal Artillery anti-aircraft gunner Hammond Innes who experienced the attack wrote the book Attack Alarm that contains in depth descriptions of the series of events that had occurred at that time in Kenley.  The district is also known for its large open green spaces of Kenley Common that lie in the south of the area. It is comprised of fifty-six hectares and surrounds the area that was once the Battle of Britain airfield. With its rolling hills, chalk grassland, ancient woodlands and incredible views across the Caterham Valley and North Downs, Kenley Common is a destination of such beauty that it simply cannot be missed by residents or tourists of the area.

So if you live in the CR8 postal area you should think whether it is worth wasting your time doing all the heavy lifting and storing of furniture yourself or whether you should leave it to a company that wants to help. With our experience in the business, you will be surprised by how efficiently we get the job done. You won’t have to worry about beds getting stuck in doorways or wardrobes scraping wallpaper of the walls. In our hands, everything is safe. Click here to reserve a parking space for our vehicle in Croydon, and here for Sutton.

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