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Are you Ready to Move but don't Want to Do it by yourself? Let your SW9 Removal Company Assist you.

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If you are moving away to a new house, the last thing you want is more stress upon you and your family or friends. You have enough stress as it is. Moving houses is probably one of the most stressful things in a person’s life. You leave everything you know behind to start over again some place new to create new memories; all though, at this state you are kind of between houses and for every person that would be stressful and kind of scary. So do not be disappointed at yourself if you need help, this is what we are here for. London Removals will help you from the very beginning. We will help you plan how many boxes you will need and what will go in each one. We will provide you with the best service and equipment there is, always with a smile on our faces. Our man with van SW9 will transport all your things carefully after we have packed them and then carry it into your new home for you to start off your new life. Give us a call on 020 8811 8918 and we will give you all the information that you need plus it will give you an opportunity to tell us what you want help with and we will let you know the charges. We will not do more or less of what you tell us, in case you don’t want the rate to go up. You can also speak to one of our advisors who can give you a no-obligation estimate, and come down to your home and see what needs to be done.

SW is the postcode area of the Battersea district and covers the south western London and has 29 postcode districts with the South Western parts covering SW1-SW10 and Battersea covering SW11-SW20. SW95 is used by the Department for Work and Pensions and is a non-geographical postcode. The postcode originated as the SW district in 1857 and gained some of the area of the S district in 1868 while the rest went to the postcode SE and was split up into numbered districts in 1917. SW covers each side of River Thames and SW1 has a coverage of the London central on the northern bank of Thames between Chelsea Bridge and Hungerford Bridge and  contains the Tate Gallery, Thames House Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Westminster School and Dolphin Square. The postcode districts of SW2–SW10 create the inner part with SW3, SW5 and SW6, SW7 plus SW10. The postcodes SW11 to SW20 include the outer area.

The postcode or SW9 is the Stockwell district that covers parts of Brixton, parts of Clapham, parts of Oval and Stockwell in London. Its local authority area is Lambeth and it is located about 2.4 miles south east of Charing Cross and was once one of the poorest neighborhoods in London but is once again rising. Until the 1800s, SW9 was mostly a rural manor located at the edge of London and included John Tradescant’s botanical garden and market gardens. Now it is home to social housing like Stockwell Park, Lansdowne Green, Studley, Mursell, Spurgeon and Stockwell Gardens.

London Removals is the best way to go when moving houses!. Please make sure that you know the parking rules so that the man with van vehicle doesn’t block the traffic and so that we can be as close to you as possible. Check it out on the Borough website.

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