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Reasons Why You Should Use Our Collies Wood Removal Service

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Moving is so much easier when it is done by professionals who know exactly what they are doing.  If you have moved before, you will know how important it is to hire the right removal company that is capable of helping you move into your new home. If you have never moved before then, you'll probably need a pair of extra hands and, some helpful advice about your move. London Removals can take care of your move. Our team of expert Colliers Wood movers are very experienced, so, if you need a team of professionals to help you with your move then, call us on 020 8811 8918. Make sure that your move goes as well as it possibly can by booking your move with us.

Colliers Wood is an area in south west London, in the borough of Merton which has a SW19 postcode. This is a superb part of the capital that has all the benefits of living in the city but, with a leafy suburban appeal that is typical of areas in this part of the capital. This area isn't exactly close to the central regions of the city which is what makes it a diverse area to live in. However, just because Colliers Wood isn't close to London's more hustle and bustle regions this area has its own charm and, sophistication which makes it highly appealing. Property in this area is what you might expect - lots of high quality properties. One thing you might not expect is Collier Wood's three local parks. Usually, areas located just outside of London's central regions have at least one public park. Colliers Wood has three - Wandle Meadow Nature Park, Wandle Trail and, Wandle Park.

These parks demonstrate the tranquil, atmospheric nature of Colliers Wood. Wimbledon is an area that is located close to Colliers Wood and, that should give you more of an idea about this areas green open spaces because, Wimbledon has a similar appeal in this sense. Colliers Wood may have a leafy suburban appeal but, this is an area that doesn't have to compensate ambience for an inner city lifestyle. This area has a tube station which has a London Northern Line service. It does not take very long to travel to other areas like Clapham South or Tooting from this tube station which is a great bonus. The Priory Retail Park and, the Tandem Centre are Colliers Wood's two major retail hot spots. There is also is large supermarket which was built in 1989 and, with the areas excellent tube line service residents of the Colliers Wood can travel to other parts of the city for retail, entertainment and leisure purposes. Transport is something that the Colliers Wood area has a history with. Somewhere between 1803 and 1846 it is reported that the Surrey Iron Railway, the first public railway service, followed a route via this area. One of the most interesting things about this area is that it was named after a wood which used to be located in the area. Merton is generally a part of south London that has managed to retain much of its picturesque wood land and, this is what makes Colliers Wood one the most natural areas in south London. 

Colliers Wood is a great area of London, so, if you are preparing to move to this area you'll need a removal service that can help you move into your new home. London Removals uses a professional team which specializes in Colliers Wood home and office removals. Call us on 020 8811 8918 and get a price quote for your move, book your Colliers Wood Man with a van and, to find out about the rest of our removal services. You will have to reserve a parking spot for your removal van, information about parking rules and regulations in Colliers Wood can be found here.

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