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Knew as soon as I called up that Removal Service was the right moving company for me. The person I spoke to was so friendly and helpful, she explained everything very clearly and went above and beyond to get me a good deal. The booking agent I spoke to told me about all of the current and upcoming offers so I could make sure I'd get the best deal by booking at the right time. Not every day you get service like that.

Jamal Tuppi

I needed help with moving furniture that is why I turned to Removal Company. They delivered my furnishings to my new home in one piece. The price was great. Great value for money overall!

K. Tovey

The guys from Mover made my move so easy! This is my first time moving house and I didn't know where to start from. Luckily my mom suggested this company and we hired them to help me move out last weekend. They handled everything from the packing to the lifting and unloading and did a tremendous job. I honestly don't know what I would've done without their cost-effective help. Thank you so much!


We have used LondonRemovals only once, but that experience was enough to demonstrate to us that they're the only moving company we will ever need. They moved over 50 bulky storage boxes to our storage space like it was nothing! They very kindly gave us a priority reservation so we could get first dibs on a moving man and van to retrieve them whenever we wanted! We rated their attitudes and approach - everything was ‘no problem' and they ensured they didn't get in our way. We're still boring our mates about it a fortnight on!

Toby Jamieson

Last minute bookings are often a recipe for disaster, but LondonRemovals rose to the challenge and then some! I got shafted at the eleventh hour by a moving firm, and needed help desperately. Luckily I found LondonRemovals and the rest, as they say, is history! Was delighted to be served by such a friendly, professional company, and I daresay I'll be using them again if I'm in need of moving services. In the meantime, I urge anyone reading this to consider using the firm if they require professional movers. Top marks!

Bernard O'Mahoney

I didn't want to move house using my car because it's only small and I was worried it was going to take all day. I didn't think I'd be able to find an affordable removal company that I could trust, but LondonRemovals shattered my expectation with their fantastically professional and purse-friendly removal service! I hired a removal van that was just perfect for what I needed. I had staff assess my needs to ensure I got the ideal van and that's just what I got. The customer service was excellent, the staff were friendly and the prices were in my budget - what more could you ask for?

Jamie K.

I was looking forward to moving into my brand new bungalow that was new and just built. I wasn't however relishing the thought of the packing and moving it all. I had a lot of belongings to move and didn't know where to start. My son however, suggested I call a firm he had used before and was pleased with. LondonRemovals were the best, from making an appointment, sorting a quote, and arranging dates for the packing to be done, then the delivery it just went completely to plan. It literally took the hassle out of it and now I am enjoying being in my new home.

Mary Lippy

There should no longer be any question of where to go when you're moving house, and I shall certainly not have to worry ever again. After having a few bad moves in the past, I was determined to do this one right, and after one phone call to LondonRemovals, I knew how I was going to get this done. Their help was all I needed to make sure that moving home was, apparently, the easiest thing in the world. Really impressed by their professionalism, their prices and their ability to make what might have been a tough move easy.

Ruby Scott

If you're looking for the best help with removals (and who isn't?), I'd like to suggest LondonRemovals as being the best option out there. I was recently faced with having to find a solution on short notice and in rather desperate attempts to solve my problem I must have contacted every company out there. They were the only ones who provided me with what I needed at a reasonable price, and not only that, but from the very first moment I knew I was dealing with professionals, which made a really big difference and made me feel really relaxed throughout the process.

Todd Kelly

I was unsure of moving home, knowing as I do that I have a great number of very precious possessions which I'm not sure I could stand to throw away. With that in mind, a family member sent me the contact details for LondonRemovals, and they were there to make sure that everything was moved properly and efficiently, and that everything I owned was kept incredibly safe throughout. There's only so much you can do with removals, I thought, but that was until I'd experienced their truly excellent service. Would have no hesitation in hiring them every single time I had to move.

Debra Evans
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