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If You Live In Acton (Or For That Matter Would Like To!) Then We Are The Local Removal Specialists You Need in W3

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Moving is one of those inevitable things that come to us all in life. It is something that is pretty much guaranteed. If you listen to the majority of advice you will get, the stress that comes with it is guaranteed as well, but it doesn’t actually have to be that way. There is one removal company that can help you take the stresses and strains out of the moving process and leave you able to enjoy it as a cathartic process.

London Removals has specialised in providing a personal, bespoke removal service which extends a long way either side of moving day. Prior to the event, we perform a removal assessment. This essentially is the planning stage, which is required to ensure that you aren’t paying for any surplus removal specialists or that you aren’t in the anxious position of not having enough space in the van. We’ll even help you to pack the boxes. It is a complete service, taking you from start to finish and our years of experience can be the difference, helping you to turn cold shells into brand new homes for you and your family. Why not call 020 8811 8918 today and experience this unique removal service in the Acton area yourself today.

W3 covers the Acton parts of London, including both the East and West parts of the district. The area sits in West London, about 6 miles from the heart of the city and Charing Cross. It has come a long way since the Anglo Saxon era, as the name refers to oak trees in the area. It was originally an ancient village but as the capital city expanded it was absorbed by the city. It is linked into the capital by the largest number of trains in any district of London, with seven stations featuring ‘Acton’ somewhere in their name. In the 20th century it was a major industrial centre where tens of thousands of people were employed by the motor industry, making either complete vehicles or component parts for other companies. It is home to the famous supermarket chain Waitrose, which started off as Waite, Rose and Taylor on the High Street not far from where the police station is today. It has gone on to become one the largest supermarkets in the country.
Acton also has the largest housing estate in West London, the South Acton estate with High on 2,000 homes which are currently undergoing renovation and expansion. Amongst the residents is a strong Polish community, a remnant of the exodus during the Second World War.

W3 is fairly unique in that it straddles quite a few London Boroughs. After you have called us on 020 8811 8918 we do ask that you get in touch with your local borough council and reserve us a parking space on your street. Whether you live in Ealing, Hammersmith or Hounslow, simply click on the relevant borough name and the link will take you to the relevant local council travel page. From there, follow the onscreen instruction and after that you can put your feet up and enjoy the premier removal service in the Acton area!.

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