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It is absolutely essential to prepare sufficiently for moving house. A major factor in this process is booking a removal company that represents value for money; by booking London Removals early you can acquire our services which are offered at reasonable prices. It is difficult enough to have gone through the process of finding a new home to live in without the extra stress of the moving day itself so why not let us help you?. By hiring us for the day you will have access to a professional company that can do all the heavy lifting necessary rather than you suffering the physical backlashes that are inevitable.  It is impossible to count how many times we have seen people having to nurse injuries because they were carrying sofas, beds and wardrobes from the house to the transport vehicle. With us this is all unnecessary: we have a long history of experience in the removal business and therefore are fully equipped to deal with the physical demands made by cumbersome furniture. We can ensure that all of your possessions arrive at your new home in exactly the same condition as how the left, because we are extremely careful with everything we handle.

The W postcode area refers the central and western area of London, whereas the W4 zone consists of Chiswick, Gunnersbury, Turnham Green and Bedford Park. Chiswick is a large suburb to the west of London and part of the London Borough of Hounslow. Located on a bend in the River Thames it is rough six miles west of Charing Cross. In the past it was a popular retreat for Londoners as it was predominantly viewed as being in the countryside, however it has been part of Greater London since 1965. Interestingly, the name Chiswick means Cheese Farm in Old English and is thought to be linked to the cheese fair on Dukes Meadows that took place annually all the way up until the 18th century. The name was first recorded around one thousand years ago. The population multiplied by ten times during the industrial revolution era so the buildings and architecture are predominantly Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian. Chiswick House is a fine example of such architecture. Built by the Third Earl of Burlington it is one of the finest surviving examples of its architecture in Britain.

Gunnersbury is also in the Borough of Hounslow, like Chiswick, but is noticeably different in size: it is only half a square kilometre in area. It is mainly residential in character with some industrial aspects too such as the British Standards Institution on Chiswick High Road which is eighteen stories high, therefore dominating the locales sky line.

Turnham Green boasts one of the most beautiful churches in London in the shape of Christ Church. The Green is traditionally a place where community events take place such as a travelling fun fair, church events and table-top sales in the name of charity. The park does have its place in history as it used to be a village on the road to London: there was even a battle fought there during the English Civil War.
For the residents of W4, then, it could not be simpler. You can have a removal service that is shockingly inexpensive not to mention a service which alleviates the majority of the strains people are subjected to during the moving period. All you have to do is call 020 8811 8918 and we will try to be as accommodating as possible with your moving date. Remember, it is important to book as early as possible in order to get the date you want. Click here to reserve a parking spot for our vehicle for the day you wish to move if you are in Hounslow, and here for Ealing.

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