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Anxious about Moving in W14? Call London Removals

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As a general rule, it is not strictly true that it is the big issues, during the process of moving homes, that demoralise the average person. Usually, it is the smaller setbacks that really get people peeved: the scratched fingers from door frames, the bump on the head from precariously placed movables and dirtied walls from dusty possessions. This is perfectly understandable, so why not wash your hands of all these pernickety complications by calling London Removals. Make sure you have a drop on other house-movers by bagging our services early on. By contacting us well in advance you will be securing an indispensable service at an affordable price. You will no longer have to curse under breath at the vicissitudes of fait and how they have burdened you with troublesome furniture!. Do not take your anger our inanimate objects and keep your blood pressure in check by calling us on 020 8811 8918 and making sure that you removal day is one of relative ease for everyone involved. Your possessions are in good hands when they are being lifted and carried by our staff because we know how important people’s property is, whether it is old or new, expensive of something passed down from family. They all have their sentimental value and we want to preserve their condition as best we can whilst the process is under way.

The W postcode represents the central and western districts of London. W14 specifically consists of West Kensington, Kensington, Olympia and Holland Park.

West Kensington is situated on the western edge of central London primarily in the Borough of Hammersmith and London. It is best know for playing host to the Olympia Exhibition Centre and the Queens’s Club at Barons Court.

The area is primarily residential in character, made up of Victorian terraced houses. Some streets in West Kensington are entirely listed because of their architectural importance. The mix of small shops, offices and restaurants give the area its character, not to mention the pubs and hotels (one of which is apparently haunted!.

Olympia is an conference and exhibition centre in West Kensington and was originally known as the National Agricultural Hall after its opening in the 19th century.

Finally, Holland Park is a district and public park in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with a reputation for being affluent and fashionable. It boasts large, attractive Victorian houses and high-class shopping areas such as High Street Kensington and Notting Hill; Portobello Market and Clarendon Cross are also worth a mention. The park itself is about fifty four acres in area and is generally thought to be one of the most beautiful and romantic parks in London. There is semi-woodland in one section of the park with some more formalised garden areas in the central section.

With this is mind; it would be churlish to take such an opportunity away from yourself. We are the top removals company in W14, with an essential service, that is affordable, easy to acquire and convenient. We can ensure that your property will arrive at your new abode in precisely the same condition as it left because we realise how important the little things are to customers when they are going through such a big change in their life. Click here to reserve a parking spot for our vehicle the day you wish to hire our services.

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